OuR Story

The Garden Church is a diverse group of people. Made up of both life-long Baltimoreans as well as city transplants, different ages and races, different backgrounds, we have one thing in common - our story.

We Once Were Lost. We were all broken.  We all found ourselves without hope.  Whether it was a former hustler who found himself in prison, or a kid in the suburbs who found himself in swallowed by pride, each one of us came to the realization that we needed a Savior.

Now We Are Found. We have found hope in the Good News of Jesus Christ. We have discovered that God forgives, changes, and grows broken people. God is our only hope and he has come to rescue us.  "Come to me," Jesus said, "and I will give you rest."

We were lost, now we are found.  We were blind, now we can see. The Garden Church is a group of people who have been changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We find our commonality as brothers and sisters in Him.

Our history

July of 2008 saw the beginning of what would become The Garden Church.  A group of five people began serving the city.  This turned into a Bible study, along with various worship gatherings.  In the early days, we painted schools, hosted block parties, and hung out with kids. It was our vision to see a Gospel-centered church spring up through the concrete of the city. We wanted to see people from all walks of life be transformed by the Gospel and come together as a display of God's glory. In January, 2012, 36 people came together and covenanted together as members of one another, brothers and sisters, under the name, "The Garden Church." 

Since those early days, we have seen God move in tremendous ways. We still serve the city, host block parties, and hang with kids, but more than societal change, we have found spiritual change.  We have celebrated baptisms, sent men and women out on mission, and have helped to start churches. Our vision has remained the same we look forward to God's continued work in our church.

Our story is just beginning, and we invite you to become a part of it!