COncrete truth

Concrete Truth is an initiative to expand the mission of The Garden Church to make disciples in Baltimore City and beyond.  The focal point of the initiative is the renovation of a 10,000 square foot space in the middle of our neighborhood. This facility will enable us to be more effective in pursuing our mission. Our initial fundraising goal of $500,000 to offset the total cost was hit in February of 2023. We praise God for his provision. As the total cost will exceed the initial goal, we are grateful for continued support.

Renovations have begun! The building has been cleaned out, demo work is finished. A new roof has been put on. Painting, electrician, plumbing, framing, and collecting HVAC estimates is all in process. Thank you for your prayers.


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What has been the previous usage of the building? The building has been a Roman Catholic congregation called Immaculate Conception. The building has not been in use for the past few years.

What is the address? 1500 Druid Hill Ave. It is directly in the middle of our neighborhood, two blocks from our current location.

Will it be enough space? Yes, we believe it will provide sufficient space to worship, grow, and offer ministry to the community. As we fill it up, it is our desire to send people out to plant church other healthy, Gospel-centered neighborhood churches.

What needs to be done? The roof and HVAC are two of the bigger projects. Additionally, everything needs updated or replaced (carpet, ceilings, floors, bathrooms). 

Have you considered using volunteers? Yes! We plan to do so. Our renovations budget assumes that much of the labor will be volunteer.

How much is the total need? In total, we expect the project to cost 1 million. We have already raised and saved half of that which allows us to begin. We still need to raise another $500,000 for renovations.


1. Individually:  If you able beyond your tithe/offering to your local congregation, please consider a gift.

2. As a Church or an Association: If you lead or have influence in a church or association of churches, please consider giving as a collective.

3. WIth Hands-On Team: If you could actually do part of the renovation, let us know!

4. As a Key Partner. Are you a Christian with the means of writing a significant check and helping us make this become a reality? If you are able to give in a significant way and would like to consider ways of doing so that would make the greatest impact, or if you would like a vision tour or a meeting, please let us know.

All Partnership Communication: Email or call 443-438-3316

Praising God for reaching our initial Goal: $500,000

Our initial goal of $500,000 allows us to complete "major" renovations, sealing the building, roof, immediate HVAC work, and many renovations which will make the space usable for our congregation. We praise God for his provision as we have hit this initial goal! The Concrete Truth Capital Campaign was launched in October of 2022 and God provided, cash-in-hand by February of 2023. Will you join us in giving thanks to God?

The total project will indeed cost more than anticipated. As we're learning, that's typical. We are still working with estimates and design for HVAC work, electrical, and other factors which may increase the total cost. If you would like to give to the Concrete Building Capital Campaign, your generosity is still appreciated and needed. 

Thanks to all who have given thus far and allowed us to reach our initial goal!!