Community groups

Community Groups are the backbone of The Garden Church.  The Christian life is not meant to be lived alone and Community Groups are  places of fellowship, mission, and growth. 

Inter-generational, co-ed, and neighborhood based, Community Groups seek to "do life" together and grow as brothers and sisters in Christ. Our Community Groups generally come together once a week and join in Bible study, encouragement, fellowship, mission, and growth.

Are you interested in joining a group?  Email us and let us know.

Adult Sunday School Classes

"Sunday School" is an old-school venue to teach the old faith. The Garden Church has dusted off "Sunday School" and offers classes for adults and kids to help them grow.   We do our best to make sure each class is helpful and high-quality. Offered just before the worship service each Sunday, each class teaches on various aspects of theology or Christian living. Classes are 13 weeks long. 

You don't need to sign up in order to join, just simply show up. 

Class times:  9:30am, every Sunday

(Children's classes are offered at the same time as adults. See "kids ministry" below)

Kids Ministry

Sunday School: We offer Sunday School for kids, each Sunday at 9:30am.  Our kids are learning the doctrines of the Christian faith through a curriculum called "The Gospel Project." Kids Sunday School is available for children, ages 4-12.  (Youth, 13 and older, are encouraged to attend a class with their parent).

Nursery: We offer a nursery for the little ones, ages 0-3.  The nursery is a safe space for the little ones to play and learn while their parents attend a class or the service.  Nursery is offered during both 9:30am Sunday School and the 10:30am church service.

Kids in Church: Kids, 4 years old and up, are part of the worship service.  Instead of separating families for worship,  we want our kids growing up watching older saints sing, pray, read, and listen; as children learn to do so themselves. Think of it as family time.  We also provide "Kids Bulletins" to help our children track through the service.

1-on-1 discipleship

1-on1 Discipleship is a great opportunity to link up with a member of The Garden and grow as a Christian or, if you're not a Christian, to explore the  faith.

In general, we help you connect with someone of the same gender to  help you grow, pray and learn together, and find accountability. This will vary depending on the areas you want to focus on and often includes reading and discussing a good book together.

Most 1-on-1 relationships meet together for 6-8 weeks, and often  becomes more organic as the roots grow deeper and the relationship

If you would like to focus on growing in Gospel-centered truth (theology), holiness (character), worship, and disciple-making (mission), or if you simply want to begin by asking questions and seeking answers, email us and let us know. We'd love to connect you with someone.